Recent & Upcoming Events

Dec 2021

Genetic Program Repair using GHC, QuickCheck & Typed Holes

Oct 2021

Dual Channel Constraints and Natural Type Inference
IN4334 guest lecture: Effort estimation
IN4334 guest lecture: ML4SE at Microsoft
IN4334 guest lecture: Gender Bias in SE

Sep 2021

IN4334 guest lecture: ML4SE
Go-NoGo Meeting: Leonhard Applis
IN4334 guest lecture: How to Run a Meeting

Jun 2021

TestKnight: Testing plugin for IntelliJ IDEA
Towards a Model of Testers’ Cognitive Processes
Guest lecture CSE1110, QA at Picnic
Guest lecture CS4300, Felienne Hermans and Hyrum Wright
SERG Reading & Review Club: Paper TBD
Guest lecture CS4300, Diomidis Spinellis and Marc Philipp
Guest lecture CSE1110 on interaction testing
SERG Reading & Review Club: Paper TBD

May 2021

SERG talk
SERG Reading & Review Club: Code Review

Apr 2021

Mar 2021

SERG talk
PhD Defense: Data-Driven Software Engineering
SERG talk

Jan 2021

Mar 2020

Safe and Secure Software using Software Verification
SERG Lunch: Exploiting Human-Factors in Software Maintenance and Evolution

Feb 2020

SERG Lunch: Pull Request Acceptance

Jan 2020

Advancing Energy Testing of Mobile Apps
Sankie: an AI platform for DevOps
SERG Lunch: The What, Who and How of Predictable Software Delivery
Big Code @ Facebook
SERG Lunch

Dec 2019

SERG Lunch: The Engineering of Logging: Latest Research & Industry Practices
SERG end-of-the-year dinner
Reading club: The ABC of software engineering research

Nov 2019

SERG Lunch: The State of Automated Dependency Updating Services
Reading club: Theory-oriented software engineering
SERG Lunch: LIBTwinSVM Library
Experiments in SE using biometrics

Oct 2019

SERG Lunch: Defect Prediction
SERG Lunch: Class Integration Testing (CLING)