SERG talk: Research Workflow in Plain Text Using Emacs and org-mode

Jul 14, 2021 11:00 — 12:00


In this talk I will go over how we can use Emacs (the mighty text editor) and org-mode (markdown’s big brother) to craft a research workflow. We will look at how we can leverage the power of Emacs and org-mode to capture, store, search and retrieve research data, all in plain text! The talk will also touch upon how org-mode can be used as an environment for literate programming and reproducible research. I do not assume any prior knowledge of Emacs or org-mode so most of the content will be newbie friendly. If you are a seasoned emacs user, you should still participate! I go over my personal workflows and custom org-extensions that I have written which might be interesting to you (or do it just to support a fellow colleage!). To those who do not see themselves using emacs ever, I have a segment on my philosophy of using plain text to manage research data, perhaps that will be of interest to you. To fellow vim users I say: come to the dark side.