SERG Lunch: Ecosystem-Scale Call Graph Construction

Apr 1, 2020 12:30 — 13:30

This presentation will be about the FASTEN project and ongoing research that builds the basis of FASTEN.

Slides are available here.

The main goal of the FASTEN project is to make package management more intelligent. Incidents like leftpad (A significant portion of the Internet has been broken by removing a package from a package manager) proved that the current way of managing packages has some flaws. FASTEN wants to mitigate such flaws by enriching package managers with method-level information. The idea behind FASTEN is to use call graph level information instead of package-level information. In order to provide call graph level information, we use call graph construction tools. However, the existing tools are designed for project-level use cases(e.g. in compilers, etc.) and do not work properly in the ecosystem-scale. In this presentation, I talk about FASTEN, how it works and how do we make call graph construction scalable.