Data-driven Log Recommendation

May 1, 2020 15:00 — 16:00

In this talk, I will be discussing the challenges of logging an enterprise system in the context of Adyen, our industry partner, and talk about my ongoing work.

Log data plays a key role in many important analysis tasks that critical for business such as auditing, application performance monitoring (APM), and root cause analysis (RCA). However, developing and maintaining logging code is hard: developers need to choose an appropriate log level, message format, variables that must be logged, and where to place log statements. Many empirical studies provide evidence that logging is usually conducted afterthoughts and highlight the need for tooling support to assist developers.

My current work focuses on the problem of log placement. Since this presentation is part of my Go/No-Go Meeting, I am going to revisit the work I’ve done in my first year and share my vision and goals for my Ph.D.