We offer a variety of courses in the TU Delft bachelor Computer Science and Engineering, the masters in Computer Science and in Embedded Systems, in the minor Computer Science, and online via the EdX platform.

Bachelor Computer Science and Engineering

CSE1100Object-oriented programmingAndy Zaidman and Thomas Overklift
CSE1105Object-Oriented Programming ProjectSebastian Proksch and Sander van den Oever
CSE1110Software Quality and TestingMaurício Aniche and Frank Mulder2019
CSE2000Software ProjectOtto Visser, Thomas Overklift, Sander van den Oever and Huijuan Wang
CSE2115Software Engineering MethodsAnnibale Panichella, Enrique Larios Vargas and Sander van den Oever
CSE2520Big Data ProcessingGeorgios Gousios and Burcu Kulahcioglu OzkanMaterials
CSE3000BSc Research ThesisAll SERG facultySee MSc topics

Masters Computer Science and Embedded Systems

CS4110AI for Software Testing and Reverse EngineeringSicco Verwer and Annibale Panichella
CS4295Release Engineering for Machine Learning ApplicationsSebastian Proksch and Luís Cruz
CS4300Software Refactoring (seminar)Maurício Aniche and Andy Zaidman
CS4405Analysis of Concurrent and Distributed ProgramsSoham Chakraborty and Burcu Kulahcioglu Ozkan
IN4315Software ArchitectureArie van DeursenMaterials
IN4334Analytics and Machine Learning for Software Engineering (Seminar)Georgios Gousios and Maurício Aniche2019
IN4185Globally Distributed Software EngineeringRini van Solingen
IN4306Literature SurveyAll SERG faculty
IN5000MSc Thesis Final ProjectAll SERG facultyAvailable topics

Computer Science Minor

TI3100TUMinor IntroductionGeorgios Gousios
TI3115TUSoftware Engineering MethodsMaurício Aniche


UnixTxUnix Tools: Data, Software and Production EngineeringDiomidis Spinellis
AIxAI in Practice: Applying AIHennie Huijgens, Arie van Deursen, Elvan Kula
ST1xAutomated Software Testing: Unit Testing, Coverage Criteria and Design for TestabilityMaurício Aniche, Arie van Deursen
ST2xAutomated Software Testing: Model and State-based TestingMaurício Aniche, Arie van Deursen
Automated Software Testing in Java: Professional Certificate ProgramMaurício Aniche, Arie van Deursen
Análisis y Visualización de Datos con ExcelFelienne Hermans